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Dr. Maria Boyce

Dr. med. univ.  Maria Boyce

Specialist in Plastic & Aesthetic Surgery
Specialization in hand surgery

"For me, healthy aging means being able to enjoy every age with joy and fun."

Plastic surgery as reconstructive surgery offers methods to achieve better function and thus quality of life after accidents or illnesses. Aesthetic surgery in particular, as part of plastic surgery, can help to positively influence signs of aging so that you feel comfortable in your body. For me it is possible to support healthy aging and thus give my patients a better quality of life through the use of modern methods in my specialist area, both surgical and non-invasive in nature.


  • I offer the entire spectrum of plastic and aesthetic surgery, with my focus on reconstructive surgery, breast surgery and facial surgery.

  • In facial surgery, I offer non-invasive procedures such as botulinum toxin and hyaluronic acid treatments.

  • I also have a specialization in hand surgery and offer the entire spectrum of hand surgery.

  • For special questions, especially in breast surgery, I offer a 3D simulation (Crisalix). This helps to simulate a possible result in order to make the best possible decision about the therapy procedure.


The initial consultation always starts with getting to know each other and taking anamnesis. I take my time for that. I want my patients to be able to talk openly about their concerns and wishes. Afterwards, a physical examination and possibly photos for a 3D simulation (Crisalix) take place. ​ The largest part of the initial consultation is actually the discussion of various therapy options, their process and advantages/disadvantages. I always try to answer all open questions honestly. However, if questions come later, which is usually the case, I can be reached by my patients even after the initial consultation so that my patients can make a well-informed decision. Before an operation, another conversation takes place so that no questions remain unanswered. 

The goal:

The most important thing for me as a plastic surgeon is to help my patients to have a better quality of life. The use of the best and safest methods as well as high-quality medical products is extremely important to me. The goal for me is a natural result with which my patients feel comfortable and healthy



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