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specialist for orthopedics & traumatology

OÄ Dr. Sylvia Ebm

"Together for a pain-free
life in motion."

Healthy older people affect all of us, regardless of the age group we belong. As an experienced orthopedic and trauma surgeon, my goal is to help my patients to help painless mobility and active life. Due to a holistic approach, I improve the functionality of the entire movement apparatus and treat both acute and chronic complaints.

With comprehensive diagnostics, preventive measures and individual treatment approaches, I work not only to relieve the symptoms, but also to increase the long -term well -being of my patients. In many cases, we achieve this goal together through conservative therapy methods. If an operational intervention is necessary, I will carry out it up to date in science.

I am at your side to help you with pain -free mobility and an active life, regardless of your life situation.
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