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What defines your age?

Prim. Dr. Karin Stengg D.O.

Welcome to the europe-wide first center for

healthy aging medicine. 


I have made it my task to carry out a combination of examinations and tests of your genetic predisposition and your epigenetic factors tailored to your needs, to analyze the results and to create an individual therapy for you that counteracts your aging process and the individual risks significantly to maintain or restore the health.

I am happy to help you

Prim. Dr. Karin Stengg  D.O.

medical director


The goal of Personalized Preventive Medicine is preservation and increase of physical and mental health in order to optimize Biological Age.


Genetics and Epigenetics are determining risks of premature aging. Since the human Epigenome is not rigid it is crucial controlling the inheritance while being influenced by environment and lifestyle.
Those shifts are essential on whether we get ill or not and can be improved by optimizing factors of lifestyle. Furthermore the Epigenome provides information about  Genetics' state of activity.


Studies verify that epigenetic processes are still changeable in adulthood [Sweatt, 2009] as enzymes necessary for methylation (methyltransferases) are still active even in the adult brain (Feng et al., 2010). 


Healthy Aging Medical Center Vienna applies a personalized combination of examinations and tests to your genetical tendency and epigenetical factors in order to create an individual therapy helping. This helps to decrease the aging process and to counteract individual risks preserving or restoring health.

Due to experience for many years and the collaborative development of several Genetical Tests we are europe-wide the first qualified when it comes to personalized therapy-concepts focusing your genetics and epigenetics.


For restoring and improving the energy household and the efficiency during stressful situations, mitochondriopathy, exhaustion, reduced performance, sleep disorders, chronic fatigue, burnout syndrome

Strengthening the musculoskeletal system and correction of postural disorders to prevent signs of degeneration, to improve performance in sports, for rehabilitation and for chronic pain

Beauty support for signs of skin aging, dryness, irritation, hormonal imbalance, UV damage, to strengthen and improve the skin microbiome


For Restoring and improving the metabolism and for hormonal blockages to strengthen vitality, stimulate fat burning, support weight loss, intestinal problems, strengthen the immune system. For perimenopausal complaints, stress, sleep disorders, weight gain, tiredness, loss of performance


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