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Prim. Dr. Karin Stengg D.O.
Specialist in trauma surgery
Doctor of Medical  Osteopathy
Healthy Aging Expert  
medical director


"Healthy aging, not anti-aging!"

Anti-aging is not possible! We age from the moment we are born. The term anti-aging is therefore an unfortunate choice. Going for Healthy Aging hits the point much better. We cannot take action against aging, but we can determine how we want to age and how we want to be in old age. We can take that into our own hands! The better we know our body, the more targeted we can start.


Since 20 years, I work  as a trauma surgeon specializing in back pain and increasingly specializing in the conservative treatment of the spine. ​ In recent years, I have  dealt with the topic of aging and developed my own concept, which I call Healthy Aging. ​ As President of the International Society for Healthy Aging Medicine, it is my concern to train many doctors in order to raise awareness of a new type of health care, to develop new concepts and to make genetic tests understandable. ​ After numerous management positions as medical director and primaria of orthopedic rehabilitation clinics, as well as the la pura women's health resort, international consulting activities and lectures, there is now the ordination in Vienna with the aim of being able to record, treat and advise patients more holistically.
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