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specialist for orthopedics & traumatology

OA Ing. Dr. med. Benjamin Schett

"mobility and freedom from pain - the main pillars of your quality of life."

A harmonious and vital life begins with a healthy, flexible body. Unfortunately, pain and restricted mobility can cloud this joy of life and limit our daily activities. As your specialist in orthopedics and traumatology, I am at your side to improve your quality of life through targeted, modern therapies - be it conservative or surgical. Together we will find the way to a pain-free, active life.




My spectrum includes the entire conservative and surgical orthopedics and trauma surgery with a particular focus on shoulder surgery, knee surgery and sports surgery.


conservative services:

  • advice and second opinions for orthopedic and trauma surgery problems

  • infiltration therapy for problems with the musculoskeletal system

  1. ACP (autologous conditioned plasma – form of autologous blood therapy)

  2. Hyaluronic acid (“cartilage building treatment”)

conservative & operative services:

Sports injuries and sport-specific overuse injuries (e.g. tendon problems)

Injuries and wear and tear on the shoulder:

  • shoulder impingement syndrome

  • lime shoulder

  • instability of the shoulder joint and acromioclavicular joint

  • tendon & ligament injuries including rotator cuff tears

  • arthrosis

  • broken bones


Injuries and wear and tear on the knee:

  • meniscus tears

  • cruciate ligament tears

  • dislocations of the kneecap

  • cartilage damage

  • arthrosis

  • broken bones

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