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Scientist of sports & training therapist

"20 years younger, is that possible?"

Our personal lifestyle is usually decisive as to whether the personal biological age deviates from the calendar age or not. With targeted physical activity over a longer period of time, the biological age can be reduced by several years in every age group.

It is thus possible for the body to be measurable by parameters such as oxygen uptake, quality of the heartbeat (HRV) & resting heart rate, body fat percentage, muscle mass, blood pressure, sugar metabolism or fat burning and body coordination as being several years younger than people of the same age.

With the personally adapted exercise program that is practiced in everyday life, it is possible to be up to 20 years younger in order to experience better health and quality of life as well as aging in dignity and contentment.

After supervising high-performance athletes from the HSNS (Army Sports & Close Combat School) and the ÖSV (A-Kader Nordic Area) as a sports scientist, more than 10,000 personal physical tests were carried out in the work as head of performance diagnostics at the MHS (Manhattan-South Fitness) with the assessment of physical performance as well as the creation of training plans, the care of over 6,000 patients in a psychiatric therapy center of the BVAEB (insurance institution for public servants, railways and mining)


  • burnout

  • depressions

  • pain & anxietydisorders


as a training therapist. The top common goal of the team of doctors, psychologists, physiotherapists, occupational therapists, nursing, massage and trainers has always been to maintain or regain health and performance for the well-being of people at all levels.


We also pursue this goal here at the Healthy Aging Medical Center Vienna, based on the latest findings, high-tech equipment and the individual personal needs of our patients.

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